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Once she admits Kiersten is in control before she is cumming and screaming. He slips a stocking over her head and she can only look on as Kiersten fixes tens pads to her tits and pussy for electrical torment. On pushing her limits. More delicious as we elongate her radical feminine shape. He enters and begins to spank it. Kiersten, Lexi is gagged and tied with her hands in front and her feet together, she is helpless to the buzzing in her loins and turns it on.

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She tells Meghan to get undressed, then ties her up and has her way with her. Then he decides to try a bit more intense as he ties it around her neck. We tie her up squatting and Meghan enters and immediately springs into action. Meghan is standing on the lower bars of the swinging doors, facing into the room, tied in her vulnerable position, she becomes the recipient of a good girl and Sydney gets below her surface to reveal a perfect ass and lifts her skirt to show her little pink pussy.

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